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"The cell is a machine driven by energy; it can thus be approached by studying matter or by studying energy."
-- Albert Szent-Gyorgyi Bioelectronics (discoverer of vitamin C)

What is the origin of Acupuncture-Non-needle technique?

The ancient Chinese philosophy of Non-needle technique is based upon the primary concept that a unique electromagnetic energetic substance called ch'i (chee) exists in the environment and flows into the body via portals of entry called Meridian points.

What is Ch'i?

Many Chinese feel that ch'i is an invisible energy which has both nutritive and cellular organizational characteristics which are separate and
distinct from the energetic contributions of ingested food and air.

What are Meridians and why are they important to your experience of wellness?

Ch'i flows through 12 paired pathways in the body known as Meridians. These Meridians have direct relationships with the different organs and cells of the body. An imbalance of this flow of energy can cause a decline in a person's state of health.

Is there any scientific understanding of Acupuncture philosophy?

Non-needle technique has grown in acceptance among the public and scientific community as a direct result of research linking Meridian points with the release of pain suppressing neurotransmitters known as endorphins. Meridian points have unique electromagnetic characteristics which can be measured using electronic ohm meter devices thus validating their existence to the scientific community.

How does Dr. Barringer use Acupuncture-Non-needle technique to effect your state of health?

The Meridian system can be evaluated for imbalances using functional neurological muscle testing. If a Meridian is under active, a muscle
associated with that Meridian will test weak. The use of the classic Meridian points and other treatment methods restores immediate balance to the Meridian and the muscle returns to its normal strength.

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